Friday, 20 January 2012

Use PositiveThoughts

I’ve just seen a video that I think you all need to see. Watch:

My initial thoughts after watching the video (It seems to help me to center my thoughts by writing them out after watching something like this – I will write an article proper on this later on):
This video really resonated with me. Negative thoughts have always been a major issue with me, for nearly all my life. I struggle daily with repetitive thoughts and it seems that they only go away when I am busy, or in reality, as Tyler says, when I am in the present moment. Most of what is said in the video I have tried on some level, where I dabbled in and out of each technique or read some of the book, but I don’t think I gave each a fair chance. I would do a technique for a while, see some success and then for some reason, any slight ‘bump in the road’ would mean I would stop it and go back to old ways and old thinking.

In terms of the methods: I took anti-depressants twice in my life. I am not ashamed of this. Unfortunately, I don’t think they really helped me. This created a lot of negative side effects in me. Both times I was prescribed them, I was at a really low ebb and it seemed every day was piling a new ton of crap onto it. I couldn’t explain to anyone why I was feeling down and no matter how hard I tried, it just didn’t feel right. The stock response from the doctor was to prescribe drugs. They took the edge off the feelings but didn’t really address what the underlying issue was. They were treating the symptoms but not the actual problem. This caused me to look elsewhere (and go off them cold turkey – but that’s another story!). Meditating is a big one. It feels stupid at first, but it is amazing how after a few sessions, you start to notice that your brain quietens down.
 I couldn’t reader ‘The Power of Now’ as I felt it was a bit too new-age bullshit for my liking. Reframing negative thoughts to positive was working but it felt like I was fighting back a tidal wave of negativity that I couldn’t compete with. As for being in the moment, I just couldn’t do this as a one way strategy. My repetitive thoughts seemed to be always hammering away at my mind and eventually I always let them in. I think the only way to beat this negative loop is to do as he advises and work this on a multi-level approach.
Sadly, I have allowed negative thinking to really ruin my life. I am now 29 and think that I have wasted each year. I see the negative as outweighing the positive. I have done some cool stuff and met some cool people but sadly, I am letting negative bullshit hold me back. Yet, this video got me a little teary eyed. It seems like this is my future sending me a little wake up call. I am going to do the above techniques and see how I go. I reckon a little challenge is in order. Something that I can report back to you, to keep me accountable.

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