Wednesday, 7 December 2011

How to study in presence of facebook account

Facebook is home that brings the people from different areas together and makes the world a global village. It’s the facebook through which we feel about others and let others feel about yourself. Honestly speaking, I have more than 330 friends at facebook and I love them. I love talking to them and I feel like I can talk to them all the time but no. Everything should have some limit. We the students get out of control when we get a facility. It makes us crazy and like we don’t deserve it. Most of us return to homes or hostels and open the facebook. The notifications can’t be resisted. And the worst case is stalkers. They don’t even enjoy friends. They just waste time on facebook. And if we don’t open facebook, we sleep. So the night comes and we instead of giving the time to studies we watch the movie or something.

We are up all the night. The morning is lecture, the class at 9. We arrive late, miss the attendance and think that we are cool. We are sleeping during the lectures. When End Semester Exam is close we start realizing the loss. So cool is proved to be fool by the end of semester. So I see the problem in our selves instead of facebook. So who to blame? Obviously ourselves.
There are people who think that deactivating account might help them out. But it’s called extremism in other words. Try to control it, instead of deactivating it. Let’s design the new schedule that may help us out and get the time to study.
Before we do all the stuff below, please turn of your mobile notifications, because notifications drive you crazy. Let’s get started now:-

  1. As we return home, we should take a rest and then do all the assignment stuff or prepare for quiz or an exam.
  2. If we open facebook before we study, let’s not update the status. Secondly don’t comment on any post. If we comment on any post, don’t pass the comment so called “point”. Otherwise you will end up with a long conversation.
  3. Now as you check notifications close the facebook and get quickly to the studies and open the books without thinking. During study when you get exhausted, try not to open facebook but have some juice or eat something or walk around room till you are ready again.
  4. Complete the entire task. Don’t leave anything, no assignment etc. And best way to score is to do

    assignment yourself.
  5. Good news, you have completed the task, now you will feel bossy. You are free for the entertainment now.
  6. Try to sleep earlier then you use to do. It will make your mind strong and more capable of picking up things. Best of luck as you follow the schedule. 

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