Friday, 27 January 2012

Positive Thinking is Not Enough

Positive thinking isn’t enough. Positive thinking is a world better than negative thinking, and positive programs run exceptionally well in my mind. Thinking positive is great when I can do it, but I can’t always do it. It doesn’t matter how positive I am, how many positive affirmations I have made, or how much positive programming I have done, when I trigger a negative neuroassociation, my mind

instantly moves in a negative direction. All my positive thinking is wiped out. Negative neuroassociations are weapons of mass destruction that instantly destroy a positive mind.

Positive neuroassociations are just the opposite. They are a form of instant positive thinking. When I trigger one of them, I immediately create a positive state of mind.

Most people are experts at creating and trigger negative neuroassociations.

Only a few people bother to create and trigger positive ones. I keep a close watch on my itchy trigger finger. I avoid negative neuroassociations like the plague, and I create and trigger positive ones many times each day.


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